Open House programme

The Open House program will be conducted on 8th,9th and 10th October 2018. As part of the Open House Program, public is allowed to enter the campus to witness the RH-200 launch and visit the Space Museum.

Date Time
08.10.2018 11:45hrs
09.10.2018 11:45hrs
10.10.2018 11:45hrs

For witnessing the launch and to visit the space museum, visitors may register the details through the registration link given below. Registration can be done for an individual or as a group. After the registration, please note the token number. Obtain your pass from the Canal gate reception (near Station Kadavu Junction) on the day of visit against your token number.

Visitors are advised to enter the campus at least 1 hour before the scheduled launch time on each day for the smooth conduct of the program. Visitors may bring food and drinking water, if required.

N.B : Please note that taking mobile phones, cameras or any other electronic gadgets inside the campus is strictly prohibited due to security reasons. You may please deposit these items inside your vehicles before proceeding to the campus.

Road Map to VSSC

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