Open Innovation Contest

Guidelines for Registration

Important Dates Venue
Deadline for online registration and upload of documents 26 September 2017 Online
Deadline for details of Innovative idea upload 26 September 2017
Announcement of shortlisted submissions 3 October 2017
Presentation of shortlisted ideas 9 October 2017 (tentative) Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Veli, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Declaration of results 09 October 2017
Distribution of prizes Valedictory function day(10.10.2017)

  • One to two students per team
  • Eligibility / Who can participate
  • * Competition is open to full-time registered students
    * From science/ engineering/ medical colleges situated in Kerala state only
    * Team members should be students of the same institution.
    * Children of ISRO employees are NOT eligible to participate
  • Students must get their application forwarded by the HOD or the principal of the institution
  • * The forwarding letter should be on the official letter head of the college / department with seal
    * The letter should certify that the team members are currently -bonafide- full time students of the college mentioning the branch(es), course of study and current year/semester
    * The letter should mention the title of the -innovation
  • Scanned copy of the forwarding letter should be uploaded to the WSW website during the time of online registration
  • Original copy of the letter is to be submitted to the organisers if your application is short listed for presentation
  • Information to be submitted during online registration
  • * Name of the team members
    * Institution where the team members are enrolled
    * Department(s)
    * Course of study with year of study
    * Contact details of the team members : email id and phone number
    * Passport size portrait photo of the team member(s))
    * Scanned PDF of forwarding letter / bonafide certificate from department or institution head
    * Declaration by the team members that your entry contains original ideas to the best of your knowledge and that
  • Submission of the novel / innovative idea(Click here for Sample Template)
  • * The description of the novel idea should be uploaded either during registration or at a later time before the announced deadline
    * It should be submitted in the form of 8-10 slides for presentation
    * The language should be in English
    * The slides should be converted to PDF file before upload (size less than 10 MB)
    * The submission should contain
    *a description of the idea,
    * the novelty,
    * a description of the idea,
    * its relevance to space applications,
    * a description of the idea,
    * How it fits in to the theme of World Space Week 2017.
    * In case a working model or a prototype is available, diagrams or photographs of the same may also be included. Weightage will be given to ideas with a working implementation / prototype.
  • After the announced deadline for registration and submission, the applications will be screened by a panel of judges and ten ideas / teams will be shortlisted.
  • The shortlisted teams will be invited to present the idea/ innovation at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala on the intimated date and time.
  • The presentation time will be restricted to ten minutes per team and another ten minutes for questions from the audience
  • For more details, Contact


    World Space Week 2017 , Open Innovation Contest

    Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre,


    Indian Space Research Organisation

    0471-2565038 / 9745069030